Johnny Depp became a household name in the 80s when he joined the popular television series “21 Jump Street”. Justin Bieber wasn’t born until 1994. Yet they could easily have been mistaken for twins had they gotten together years ago.

The uncanny resemblance was brought to Depp’s attention when he guested on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” recently, Mail Online reported. A picture of Depp as a teenager was placed side by side with that of Bieber’s. Although it might have been a hoax, given the host’s love of pranks, this was the real deal.

DeGeneres pointed out that the actor and the Canadian singer could have been separated at birth, the publication noted. Depp initially agreed but clarified that Bieber looked to be spiritually cleaner than he was at the time. To which, DeGeneres disagreed.

“There’s a picture of you, you looked so much like Justin Bieber when you started out. Look at that! You don’t see that?” DeGeneres asked Depp.

“He just looks like he might be a little cleaner than me, spiritually, I mean,” Depp clarified. “Oh I see! No, he’s not,” DeGeneres replied.

The younger Depp was labeled the Hollywood rebel then, Hello Magazine wrote. It was only after he’d met Vanessa Paradis did things change for him.

“It wasn’t until Vanessa and the birth of Lily-Rose that I finally realised there’s something to live for,” Depp once said.

Depp’s ability to transform himself into any character role sets him apart from the rest. The actor portrayed the presidential hopeful Donald Trump in “Funny or Die”, US Weekly wrote. Aside from the prosthetics he put on for the role, Depp admitted it was a struggle to speak like Trump.

“In terms of the prosthetics we were pretty conservative. I just thought it sounded like fun. I figured I could suss out how he speaks, but it’s difficult. He speaks real weird,” Johnny Depp remarked.