Republic Records, the DNCE frontman’s label, made an announcement on Monday that the band’s new music video for single “Toothbrush” is due soon. Moreover, it mentioned that Ashley Graham, a size 16 model, will star as his love interest in the clip.

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The funky foursome that also includes bassist-keyboardist Cole Whittle, guitarist JinJoo Lee and drummer Jack Lawless released “Toothbrush” on their 2015 EP Swaay, reported People.  The catchy  track narrates a relationship at a turning point, with the lyrics shown below, according to Metro Lyrics:

Baby you don’t have to rush

You can leave a toothbrush

At my place

At my place

We don’t need to keep it hush

You can leave a toothbrush

At my place

At my place.

Stuck in a limbo

Half hypnotized

Each time I let you stay the night, stay the night

Up in the morning

Tangled in sheets

We play the moment on repeat, on repeat.

The first preview of the video appeared on Monday, with Jonas releasing a steamy photo of him and Graham in bed together on his Twitter.

It was followed up on Tuesday (May 17) with a video clip that features various shots of DNCE performing on a rooftop interwoven with Jonas and Graham getting intimate in and out of a lovely apartment.

Watch The Video Clip Here:

The former Jonas Brother’s new act”Toothbrush” is the second single, as their breakout “Cake by the Ocean” remains on top of the music charts. This isn’t the time that Jonas, 26, has paired up with a model on a DNCE project.

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For Ashley Graham, 29, the “Toothbrush” video is the hottest feat in her entire career. Earlier this year, Graham, who is also a body activist, was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s iconic swimsuit issue. Also a lingerie designer, her TEDxBerkleeValencia talk on body diversity went viral last year, where she openly expressed feeling insecure about her body. She also shared how she moved past it during her talk in Spain last May. From there on, she became a household name.

The 20-second teaser clip by DNCE for the song “Toothbrush” is already getting considerable attention, and a major chunk of the credit goes to the presence of Graham.