Kilgrave is arguably one of the best villains in the Marvel universe. His mind control skills are not something any superhero can mess around with, much less easily escape. No amount of super strength or combat dexterity can shield a person from Kilgrave’s wrath. With that said, is there a conceivable villain worse than Kilgrave in Jessica Jones’ future?

Marvel’s Jessica Jones TV series creator Melissa Rosenberg said that while it is challenging to helm a fresh antagonist for the show’s second season run, it is not “daunting.” At New York Magazine’s Vulture Festival, Rosenberg explained that Jessica Jones’ (Krysten Ritter) own grudges and personal struggles are taken into consideration when creating the show’s new baddie.

“For this show, for this character, the ‘big bad’ is all about how personal it is to her,” Rosenberg detailed. She added that having a villain whose goal is to “take over the city” will not resonate with Jessica; it will not put her to action, Huffington Post reported.

“So whatever we do just has to be intimate or personal in a way. Not necessarily the history or such, but just connected directly,” Rosenberg said.

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Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Rosenberg said that the “trauma and PTSD” will not go away with Kilgrave’s (David Tennant) passing. There’s still some “really complicated stuff going on” and more of that will be explored in Jessica Jones Season 2.

It is speculated that Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 will uncover the story behind the heroine’s powers. Season 1 dropped a mysterious organization called the IGH, which, according to Trish Walker’s mom, paid for Jessica’s medical bills when she was rushed to the hospital after the car accident that killed her parents and younger brother.

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This unresolved arc is said to relate to the combat drugs Will Simpson took when he went into a fit of rage and attacked Kilgrave’s father and Trish (Rachel Taylor).

Krysten Ritter will return for Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2. Production is set to begin next year.