Jeremy Lin Trade News: Knicks Sign ‘Linsanity’ Back to NYC?

Jeremy Lin is making buzz again this NBA trade 2015 season and reports say he might be returning to where “Linsanity” all started.

According to Alex Kennedy of the Basketball Insider, the New York Knicks are looking to sign Lin again this summer.

While nothing has been confirmed, this rumor has sparked frenzy among fans who have long wanted to see Lin bring “Linsanity” back. NBA fans may remember the NBA 2011-12 season where the then-unknown and undrafted player pulled the Knicks from a string of losses to seven straight wins and a couple more to reach the playoffs. He also created a worldwide phenomenon known as “Linsanity.”

The craze ended abruptly, however, when Lin suffered an injury. The Harvard standout has since played for the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers.

If ever he comes back to New York, Lin will be playing alongside Carmelo Anthony. Bleacher Report also notes that while the Taiwanese NBA star is listed as a PG, his slashing and shooting skills make him a better offensive threat than a court distributor. Although his brief stay with the Lakers has helped his on court vision and decision making.

Aside from the NY Knicks, the Denver Nuggets and the Dallas Mavericks have also showed interest in signing Lin, notes Master Herald.

As for Jeremy, he has admitted that last year was “possibly the toughest year of my life.”

“Nothing went as planned – during the first five games, how many did we win? That’s right, zero,” Lin told a crowd of 1,400 at the Chinese University in Hong Kong this weekend, reports South China Morning Post.

“After 20 games I was benched. We finished the season 21-61, which set a franchise record for the most losses.”

But if his youtube videos are any indication, Lin is already working hard to make a statement this coming NBA 2015-16 season. Regardless of where his next home will be.

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