Jeremy Lin seems to be focusing harder on his performance with his new Charlotte Hornets squad. Lin was introduced as the new Point Guard of the Charlotte Hornets earlier this July.

The 27-year old athlete had created a rage among fans during his tenure with the New York Knicks wherein the phenomenon “Linsanity” was born. He had become a metaphor for marvelous shooting techniques and three pointers.

Following his rise to fame, the documentary “Linsanity” directed by Evan Jackson Leong, which came up in 2013, was a successful narration of the journey of a Harvard basketball champion to an NBA player.

However, since he left the Knicks, the phenomenon has died. From New York, he has played for the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers. And while he had spurts of greatness, many have wondered when “Linsanity” will return.

With his new team, fans are hoping the Hornets can bring Lin’s killer skills back.

Along with new signings like Tyler Hansborough and James Kaminsky, J Lin seems to be a great asset for the Hornets and might probably play a vital role in getting the team back on its feet. The team has been in quite a poor form in the last season, notes Sports World Report.

Lin seems very excited about his new team and if he keeps up his aggression and smart strategies, he will probably turn out to be one of the key scorers of the team and create his impact as effectively as before.

In other news, though the Taiwanese lad is extremely popular among Basketball fans, he was recently stopped by a security guard in the Hornets home arena, Time Warner Cable Arena, who mistook him to be an intruder. He had to present proof that he is actually a part of the Charlotte Hornets, as noted by The Christian Post. He laughed the incident away in jest and tweeted.

In his new tenure with the Hornets which started in July, Lin has to prove himself over and over again so that fans could get to see the beast unleash in him and probably get to watch another version of the documentary which is, Linsanity 2.0.