Jennifer Aniston Wedding: ‘Friends’ Co-Stars ‘Not Invited’

Wikimedia/ Angela George

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux surprised the public with their secret marriage last August 5. Notably though, some of her “Friends” were also surprised as they were not invited to the couple’s intimate garden wedding.

Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry who play Chandler and Joey on the 90s TV show “Friends” did not get invitations to the wedding of their former co-star, according to People. But neither LeBlanc nor Perry were disappointed with it.

“I think they’re a great couple. I think she’s happy. And that’s all I care about is that Jen’s happy,” LeBlanc said. “If she wanted me there, I would have been there.“

The actor also noted that it was the second time he missed his co-star’s wedding. He was in Austria working when Jennifer wed her former husband, Brad Pitt.

”I missed when she married Brad [Pitt],“he said, according to the site.

Matthew Perry also said that he is happy for Aniston and Theroux. However,when asked about not being invited, his reply was ”I wasn’t invited. So what can you do?“

Meanwhile, the girls of “Friends” Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow were present at the ceremony.

The Theroux-Aniston nuptial were attended by relatives and close friends of the couple — an estimated 70 of them.

As for Jennifer, marrying Theroux must be a dream come true. Sydney Morning Herald revealed that Aniston had a strong admiration of her husband even before they started dating.

”Not only is he a great actor but he’s one of the best comedy writers out there. And he directs and paints murals,“ the actress revealed in an interview with Harper Bazaar, SMH noted.

”It’s almost impossible to get bored with one another. We’ve tried so hard! And even that’s interesting because his eyes are so pretty, but we can entertain ourselves and talk about endless things, which is pretty great.“

After the wedding, the couple flew to Bora Bora for their honeymoon.

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