Jason Aldean talks about his daughter, who really has a “diverse sense in music,” even in her early teens. The American singer released a new single “Lights Come On,” which is already impressing his fans.

“My older daughter [Keeley] loves music,”.”It’s really cool because the whole time they were growing up I would play Ray Charles to Aerosmith to George Strait… It’s really cool to see a 13-year-old with that much of a diverse taste in music.” Jason said to People.

Kendyl, Jason’s other daughter seems to less interested in the music.”What’s funny is my younger daughter is 8 and she just doesn’t really care. She’s not a huge music lover”. “She’ll have a song get stuck in her head every now and again, but for the most part, she could do without it,” he said.

The rough and tough singer on the stage showed his softer side on Easter while sharing a family photo with his daughters and wife. TheΒ  daughters and the wife in the photo are seen wearing “shades of bright pastels with their fuzzy dog outside on a patio looking adorable,” Taste of Country reports.

He is always seen as a family oriented person spending quality time with is daughters. The couple has two daughters, Keeley Williams and Kendyl Williams. The 13-year-old Keeley is joining the footsteps of her parents, just few steps away from stardom. She even has a Twitter account. She tweets.

Both his daughters look adorable.

Jason is already known for his support for funding breast cancer research and survivors of the disease.

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The reason for his support seems to be clear.β€œMy best friend lost his wife to breast cancer and she was in her very early thirties,I was there. I watched it all go down. I watched him deal with that and her go through it and her leaving behind two daughters. That to me was sort of an eye-opener,” the 39-year-old country singer said to People.

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Jason has been able to raise more than $2995221 for his breast cancer campaign, Taste Of Country reports.