Fans are anticipating the premiere of Jane the Virgin season 3 on October 17. Yet how would they react at the possibility of Michael’s death at the end of the episode?

The cliffhanger ending of season 2 left fans worried about the fate of Michael Cordero. Thus, they are eager to learn if he survived the shooting or not. No doubt, the premiere of Jane the Virgin season 3 would answer everyone’s question. Yet would the answer satisfy everyone?

Actor Justin Baldoni who plays Rafael Solano recently revealed his disapproval at the flow of the story. Anyone who watches the series knows the two characters are rivals for Jane’s affection. Thus, would it indicate Michael survived the shooting? If he did, then Rafael would have no chance to rekindle his romance with Jane. Hence, his unhappiness.

Earlier Instagram posts shared by actress Gina Rodriguez revealed actor Brett Dier was on the set and in character. However, the show is known for its use of flashbacks. Would his character appear only in imaginary scenes in the upcoming season?

Then again, a clip for the Jane the Virgin season 3 premiere titled Magical Beginnings, Tragic Endings could suggest otherwise. The words of the narrator do not bode well for Michael’s fate. Moreover, they hint at the worse possible ending for the episode. The words of executive producer Jennie Urman did not give away any hints about his survival.

“A central question of the episode is Michael’s survival. We learn a lot about what happened with Jane and Michael after they had their first kiss. We learn a lot of unexpected things about the beginning of their relationship as she’s trying to get through the trauma and find out if he’s going to live or die,” Urman told TVLine.

Would Jane the Virgin season 3 survive without Michael?

Watch the Magical Beginnings, Tragic Endings of Jane and Michael.