James Bond ‘Spectre’ Star Daniel Craig Rachel Weisz Divorce? ‘My Family Hates Me’ Reveals Actor


Daniel Craig is not holding back on how he really feels about James Bond, the iconic character he’s played in four movies now.

Craig, who stars in the upcoming James Bond movie “Spectre”, said it’s not easy being Bond. The actor also revealed that starring in the role has taken a toll on his family life in an interview with Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw.

“I’m away from home for eight months. There’s no other way of doing it. My family hates me, they are just starting to forgive me now” he said, quotes The Telegraph.

While this doesn’t mean that he and actress-wife Rachel Weisz are getting a divorce, it does reveal how much time he has put in the movie; time less spent with his family.

“If you think about a fight sequence where I get cut or the other guy gets cut and that’s 30 seconds into the sequence. So however long it takes to shoot 30 seconds, which can be a day, we need one suit for that day, another suit for the next day. So every stage of the fight has a different suit because it’s broken down in a different way”

The big question though is will “Spectre” be the final Bond film for Craig? He is unsure, based on his answer in an interview with Esquire back in September. It’s possible that it will be the final film with Craig as Bond, so fans should experience the film in theaters while they can.

According to EnStarz, Craig is insisting about separating himself from the character. Asked what we could learn from James Bond that could be applied to our daily lives, Craig was very open with his answer: Nothing.

“I play a tough guy, but that’s not me. I’ve always been good at avoiding fights,” Craig told The Sun.

The actor, however, admits that other men looking at his lady “in the wrong way” makes him jealous. Craig, who married Weisz four years ago, said he’s now a much calmer man and he’s in love with his wife. However, just like any other couple in the world, Craig and Rachel maybe having their highs and lows due to work commitments but that’s fine cause we know at the end of the day these lovebirds are inseparable.

We wish the adorable pair good luck for the awesome relationship they share and for all their future endeavors.


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