An alleged Jaden Smith suicide video is making the rounds on social media despite official statement from the Smith family that the Jaden Smith dead report is not true.

The hoax video purportedly features Jaden saying goodbye to his father Will Smith before hanging himself. What makes it realistic is that people can’t access the video without a permission from Facebook.

Obviously, the video is a fake since Jaden has been spotted several times with his dad promoting Suicide Squad. Will Smith just laughed off the death hoax and even shared a funny conversation with his son in an episode of Jimmy Fallon Show. However, the alleged Jaden Smith dead report continues to be the hottest trend on the Internet.

Facebook has offered some help in removing apps creating spam videos. According to its Facebook Help section, users can click the “x” button when scrolling over the app list. However, many Facebook users who already saw the video have also spread the hoax clip by sharing the link from one of the fake websites.

This is not the first time the Karate Kid star had been a victim of a hoax dead report. In 2012, a fake report suggested that the 18-year-old young actor died in a skiing accident.

Meanwhile, Jaden will star in the upcoming Netflix series, The Get Down. This will be his first major acting role in three years since he starred in After Earth alongside his father. In The Get Down, he will be playing a graffiti writer. The series is set in the 70s. It is all about hip-hop and how it started in the Bronx decades ago.

The young Smith believes that his new TV role will give him a chance to influence a younger generation.

The first six episodes of The Get Down are set to premiere on Friday (August 12) on Netflix. Hopefully, this will finally defuse the Jaden Smith dead hoax reports.