Is Jaden Smith dead again? Jaden Smith has been declared dead by internet repeatedly in last few months and no one understands why. The actor, model and son of Hollywood actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith was first targeted by suicide rumors when he celebrated his 18th birthday in July.

Though Jaden might have celebrated his birthday and gotten over the party hangover long time ago, the actor had to wake up to the news of his suicide several times in past few months. The reasons cited by various media outlets ranged from being funny to pretty genuine. Some websites said that Jaden Smith committed suicide because he was depressed in love because his girlfriend Sarah Snyder allegedly cheated on him with a photographer. Sarah was seen lying in bed comfortably with another man and Jaden Smith was tagged in that now-deleted photo.

What followed next were rumors that Jaden Smith is dead and has committed suicide. The rumors were so convincing that his family, including his sister Willow Smith, were targeted by internet trolls who offered their condolences to them.

What’s more? Internet did not let Jaden Smith die in peace but also circulated an alleged suicide video where the Karate Kid actor was seen declaring his intention to take his own life and hanged himself. The video also showed the actor saying final adieu to his actor dad before he hanged himself to death.

The Jaden Smith death rumors got intensified to quite an extent and his suicide video got in wrong hand of spammers. People got emails and Facebook messages with “Jaden Smith suicide video” link. When they clicked on the link, it automatically got posted on their social media accounts and thus unintentionally helped in spreading of the death hoax.

The circulated video even had a fake suicide note by the actor. However, it must be noted that all these news about his suicide and death are just hoax and Jaden Smith is not dead.