Is Jaden Smith dead? This was one of the hottest headlines recently. But his father, Will Smith, has to say something about the controversial news.

The Pursuit of Happyness actor has been in Hollywood for a long time. His son first appeared in the said film to join him.

As time went by, Jaden carved his own name on the industry for landing major roles in Karate Kid and The Day the Earth Stood Still. On the other hand, it did not take long for him to do controversial things, making him famous but in quite a negative way.

However, the latest news must have gone overboard. As a result, Will dropped hints that his son is alive and well.

The Suicide Squad actor appeared on the latest episode Jimmy Fallon, where he shared their experience while traveling in London.

“The drinking age in London is 18, dad,” quotes UPI. This must be the reason why the family celebrated his 18th birthday in the U.K.

Additionally, Mail Online also reported that Will Smith even brought his son to the premiere of the DC Superhero film. It must be their way of debunking the malicious rumors.

Amidst the ‘Jaden Smith Dead‘ news, the teenager is still active on social media. ABC News reported as well that he keeps himself busy by promoting his Netflix show, The Get Down.

This is not the first time that a celebrity became a victim of Internet trolls. Previously, Jack Black was not able to escape the death news. Fortunately, the Tenacious D rockstar is still alive and kicking as well.

But who started the rumor mill? Rumours speculated that his breakup with girlfriend Sarah Snyder probably caused the rumors.

It has been reported that Snyder was seen hanging out with Atlanta photographer under the name of Gunner. However, both of them are yet to confirm the reports.

Despite the Smith’s effort to slam the Jaden Smith Dead news, the media might want to hear his opinion about this latest bluff.