News of his alleged suicide flooded social media and fooled netizens. However, did another event in his life trigger the Jaden Smith dead hoax?

Born to Hollywood power couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jaden is no doubt familiar to controversies. Indeed, his parents proved more than capable of handling rumors. Perhaps it is a trait passed onto him. If so, it could explain how the young Smith managed to surpass the Jaden Smith dead hoax. Moreover, the cheating news of his girlfriend, Sarah Snyder.

Jaden Smith has yet to speak out about the rumors. Yet it would seem his girlfriend kept a few secrets from him. However, secrets have tricky way of coming out when least expected. Hence, the surprise of netizens at the picture of Sarah with Atlanta based photographer Gunner Stahl. Moreover, a source came forward with information that could confirm speculations.

“So I’ve been holding this tea for a min lol but Jaden Smith’s girlfriend is cheating on him with an ATL photographer who goes by Gunner. He recently shot the cover of fader with Metro Boomin on it. She was just in ATL last week at his photo exhibit,” a source told The Shade Room.

Yet Jaden Smith did not seem fazed by what was happening in his personal life. The actor went on with his professional duties as part of the upcoming Netflix original series, The Get Down. The young Smith appeared on Good Morning America together with costars Justice Smith and Shameik Moore.

The Get Down narrates how hip-hop began in the seventies as it follows the lives of a group of teens growing up in the South Bronx. Jaden Smith is Marcus “Dizzee” Kipling a graffiti artist at the time. Prior to their appearance on GMA, the cast also attended the premiere of Suicide Squad. Hence, it would seem he is far above the Jaden Smith dead hoax and cheating rumors thrown at him.

Watch the trailer for The Get Down.