Jaden Smith Dead headlines have been plaguing the actor and the Smith family since last month. Have you ever wondered who started this bluff?

The son of Will and Jada Pinket-Smith has invaded media outlets after a report of suicide came out in July. It eventually spread on the Internet like an uncontrollable wildfire.

However, it looks like Jaden was just a victim of another death hoax. Normally, the news should boil down after a few days but reports about his fake death are still trending on the web.

Why is the Jaden Smith Dead news continuing to invade the Internet? Do his fans want him gone? Snopes did a thorough investigation on the matter.

The outlet posted a screenshot of the news and its thumbnail. You can see that the headlines contain a “CNN News Update starter,” but did you notice the link posted at the bottom left?

According to the source, the link will lead you to a pop-up request permission from Facebook. It appears that the culprit is not after a death hoax but an “outright scam.”

Those who clicked the linked and were granted permission will see the link of Jaden Smith Dead news on their own Facebook walls. Thus, the death hoax started to spread.

On the side note, Snopes stated that Internet trolls are creating death hoaxes to make one’s device susceptible to malware. The malware will make your social media accounts vulnerable to “unscrupulous companies” that will use your accounts to gain profit.

Most probably, the person behind this scam must have taken advantage of the news. The young actor reportedly broke up with his girlfriend Sarah Snyder due to her infidelity before he “committed suicide.”

A source claimed that Snyder has been hanging out with Atlanta photographer Gunner. They are yet to address the rumors.

On the other hand, Jaden’s father Will Smith laughed off the death hoax. He even shared a funny conversation with his son on the previous episode of Jimmy Fallon Show.

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