Jaden Smith dead reports sparked frenzy on social media even after the young actor has dismissed the report as false.

This is not the first time Smith was reported to be dead. In 2011, a Jaden Smith dead hoax started. The false report indicated that the actor/model passed away after a snowboarding accident in Switzerland. The report was immediately debunked by Jaden’s father, Will Smith. Rep of the Men in Black actor stated that the hoax report was an attempt to ruin Jaden’s career.

Now, the recent Jaden Smith dead hoax report indicated that the teen allegedly committed suicide after his 18th birthday. The young Smith celebrated his birthday just last month.

Jaden’s rep officially issued a statement reiterating that the young actor is very much alive. Angered fans called the false report as reckless.

Here are some of weirdest details of the latest Jaden Smith dead hoax report.

1.Hollywood Gossip cited a source saying the Facebook story about Jaden Smith dead is totally not true. In fact, the insider said users who clicked on the report in Facebook were greeted with a popup message.

2. The hoax report came out at the time Jaden was consistently seen with his father promoting Suicide Squad.

3.The false report’s intention was purely for click bait. The deceitful report reached even big media outlets’ websites to lure people to click.

4.Several dubious apps have been downloaded after clicking on the hoax report.

5. The Jaden Smith dead headline was not the first false death report that plagued the Smith family. Jaden’s mother, Jada Pinkett-Smith, was a victim of death hoax around the same time her son was.

Jaden is set to appear in Netflix’s latest series Get Down. The Karate Kid star is also working on his first album. Hence, the Jaden Smith dead hoax news should be the least of things to bother him.