Jackie movie 2016 is a biographical drama about former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. The movie’s first trailer has arrived, featuring Academy Award winner Natalie Portman. She is seen in all of Jackie Kennedy’s anger, anguish, and confusion.

The 1:44 minute-long trailer opens with Jackie riding inside a car. The grief on her face is quite evident. She looks miserable while looking at thousands of people who congregated for John F. Kennedy’s funeral procession in 1963.

The trailer reveals how wonderful Jackie movie 2016 would be. There is no denying that Jackie Kennedy is a complicated figure and it is a real challenge to bring her onto the big screen. Hats off to the 35-year-old actress! Not only did she dare to play this role but she also did justice to it.  The biopic shares the story from the perspective of a widow who withstood her idealized marriage in the public eye.

The concept of Camelot works as a key element in Jackie. The notion is being used to define the Kennedys’ White House. The trailer also features a few more flashbacks from the assassination of JFK.  We can see Natalie Portman donning Jackie’s signature style, as she celebrates their son’s third birthday. Later she’s seen under the shower washing off her late husband’s blood that splattered on her following the shooting. There is also a scene where we can see her kissing JFK’s flag-draped coffin, reveals US Weekly.

Watch the Trailer for Jackie Here:

Jackie Kennedy offered Portman a platform to do what may be her best performance yet. The actress skillfully captures Jackie’s emotionally drained state of mind onscreen.  Right from her drained speaking style, her use of silence, breathing slowly and weighing whether she should put herself forward with her fake smiles in public appearances or the way she gathers herself before she speaks; everything is praiseworthy. Natalie paid attention to every detail of Jacqueline Kennedy’s magnetic personality.

This brilliant piece by Pablo Larraín is worth a watch! Jackie movie 2016 is coming to the big screens on December 2.