Ivanka Trump is trending tonight and there’s a good reason why.

The famed businesswoman introduced her father, Donald Trump, at the GOP Convention. Most people were impressed. However, what caught others’ attention was that it seemed she was talking about a different person entirely. Due to this, people took to Twitter their thoughts and most of them were hilarious.

A major source for this “Hillar-ity” is that people thought the sub-text of Ivanka’s speech was she was voting for Hillary Clinton.

That Ivanka Trump speech? #trending

This tweet from Twitter user Peter Gleick alone garnered 275 retweets and 560 likes, as of this writing. However, it did not receive much agreement from other users. One user quipped that instead of Clinton, it sounded like Ivanka was talking about Bernie Sanders instead.

Another suggested that Ivanka wouldn’t, since she doesn’t want any more Pakistani children dead. Nevertheless, others were less serious and questioned if Ivanka is even registered to vote.

Others, meanwhile, made fun of the thought that Ivanka wasn’t describing Donald Trump at all.


Another aspect that people made fun of was Melania Trump’s recent speech gaffe. Donald Trump’s wife was accused of plagiarizing a speech by First Lady Michelle Obama, back in 2008.

Nevertheless, others just took notice of Ivanka herself and her ironically Democratic stance.

The Hollywood Reporter details the highlights on Ivanka’s speech. Based on what the source relayed, a thing that stood out from her talk was referring to her dad as “colorblind and gender neutral”. THR also shares the following quote from her:

“For more than a year, Donald Trump has been the people’s champion, and tonight he is the people’s nominee.”

What do you think of that Ivanka Trump speech? Do you agree that she was talking about a different person entirely? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!