Sunday, September 25, 2016

Islam in Europe: Muslims to Take Complete Control of Rome Soon?

Islam in Europe: Muslims to Take Complete Control of Rome Soon?



A woman astrologer by the name of Baba Vanga (Vangelia) Pandeva died in 1996. But, before her death, she created a reputation of predicting many of the major global events like the tsunami of 2004 or the attack on the Twin Towers. She made an interesting prediction about Islam in Europe as well.

She prophesied that 2016 would be the year Muslims will invade the continent, and that “great Islamic war” would begin in Syria culminating in complete control of Rome by 2043.

So how close to reality is her prediction about Rome in particular?

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ISIS Threat

It was February of last year that the the terrorist organization ISIS announced that it intended to invade Rome as it is positioned itself in Libya and right at the doorstep of Italy.  The country has one of the largest Muslim populations in Europe.

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The threat was made on a video released at that time by ISIS along with the showing of the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt in Libya.

By being relatively closed geographically, many people who have left Libya goes to Italy. This is made worse by the rise of lucrative illegal smuggling of people to southern European destinations to flee ISIS, Communities Digital News reports.

ISIS could use its foreign fighters from Italy, Libya or Tunisia to launch an attack against Italy, according to analyst Tom Sanderson of the Transnational Threats Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

The likelier scenario is that the Islamic State inspiring a radical Muslim within Italy to commit a terrorist act, same with how the French brothers who attacked the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris in January 2015, the International Business Times reports,

“ISIS does not have to send a team from Libya to Vatican City or Rome to conduct an attack,”…”They can ignite individuals who are already there.” Sanderson said.

The Muslim population in Italy was 1.5 million in 2010. It is estimated that the number will double by the year 2030, according to Pew Research Center.

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  • I psychically predicted all those things also on australia new age online in august 1998, I never have heard of her but back in 1998 I released on the internet all my predictions, most have come true including 911 planes exploding in american skies, tsunamis hitting massive in asia,terrorism hitting nations which had not had attacks bf rise of terrorism and rise of radical islamists etc

  • Nicole Plume

    First off, I want to thank Australian Network News for bringing the topic about Baba Vanga up! I have few Bulgarian friends here in Vancouver and I remember they were telling once about Baba Vanga – their greatest prophetess, healer – a real Saint as they said. I read your article and that sparkled my interest to look up more info about her. I did find a very interesting blog entirely dedicated on Baba Vanga – at baba-vanga dot com
    There is so much in there – visitor’s stories, doctors’ and scientists’ opinions about Baba Vanga’s phenomenon, very detailed biography of Baba Vanga (I read it and cried, finding out what a miserable childhood she had in Macedonia), some of her unique healing recipes given to her visitors, and the list goes on and on.
    What really amazed me was how she was able to see your life as if in a movie film – when you stand infront of her and give her your sugar – Baba Vanga needed sugar that stayed in your house for a few days, that way she could give you an accurate reading. Another interesting article I read was about d-r Lozanov – a scientist that have recorded the results of thousands of visitors. It turned out that close to 70% of visitors reported that Baba Vanga predicted their future with a striking accuracy – LOL!. D-r Lozanov mentioned that usually she was much more accurate in the mornings, than any other time, as obviously she was getting tired of accepting hundreds of people a day.
    Regarding the predictions I just want to add some other interesting ones that were mentioned in the blog:
    Some of Baba Vanga predictions that still hasn’t come true
    • Peace for 1000 years will settle on Earth. People will realize the existence of the spiritual world
    • Cancer and HIV/AIDS will be cured – a medicine made from iron.
    • Around 2020 trains will be charged with sun energy; oil extraction will stop and mother Earth will rest – prediction made 46 years ago
    • In 1960 Baba Vanga predicted that around 2018-2020 scientists will initiate projects for producing helium-3 energy from space.
    • Around 2050 people will travel to other worlds with a speed 10 times faster than the speed of light
    • In 200 years humans will make a contact with their “brothers in mind” from another planet.
    Other common predictions made by Baba Vanga
    • “There won’t be a third world war, but if you continue polluting the nature like that, it will destroy us. Mother Nature is God, and it won’t tolerate our impact on it.”

    “The world will not disappear soon – it will change. A time will come when borders will disappear and people will live together in peace and cooperation.”

    “Until money rule the world, there won’t be any progress on Earth.”

    “If you continue to treat Mother Nature like that, a day will come when different plants, vegetables, and animals will start to disappear…First it will be the onion, garlic, pepper, and bees. Milk will become poisonous. People will sow wheat, but rye will grow.”

    “All of the gold will appear on the surface of the planet, but water will hide. Water will become more expensive than the black gold, and one day it will disappear. Those that are alive will eat and drink in golden utensils, but there won’t be water.”

    “We all one by one will go to the other world, but planet Earth and humanity will remain. Our planet existed for billions of years, and will exist for many more before the apocalypse. Don’t be scared – be united and help each other. Whatever is written in stone cannot be changed. Sooner or later it happens.”

    “We are not alone on this planet. An extraterrestrial intelligence exists, and humans will make contact one day. Hungarians will be the first to contact citizens from another planet. This will happen no sooner than 200 years from now.”

    “Every nation has its star that recharges it with energy. But there are exceptions, some nations have a planet instead of a star…the new time will come and those nations will not be able to survive. In unusual for them atmosphere, they will choke. A nation that has a planet instead of a star will die out just like a candle dies out when there is a strong wind.”

    “Our Bulgarian mountains and lakes are sacred – like those in India. Unfortunately our nation still does not realize that. A day will come when people from all over the world will visit those places to draw energy… The seven Rila lakes are a haven place – this is one of our connections with the cosmos. That is why Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) used to visit the lakes so often.”

    “Where is hell? Here on Earth. This is the hell. Here are the life struggles, the sins, the failures and fall downs. You have been brought here to purge yourself, so you can go up where the light is. A time will come when people will dramatically change – I won’t be alive, but I know it will happen. We all have better, more peaceful, and happier times ahead of us.”