Terrorist group ISIS has scared people in Italy, by releasing a threatening video, featuring legendary British Actor Oliver Reeds.  The video features clips from a 1981 film “Lion of the Desert”, which shows Libyan fighters blocking the Italian forces on highway and triggering bullets on them.

In one of the scenes, Oliver Reeds is seen watching the Italian forces being attacked and army vehicles being bombed and destroyed. He played the role of General Rodolfo Graziana in the film.

The group has warned Italy that they will keep threatening the country until a banner “flatters over Rome”.

The video transcripts: “The crusaders divided it (The Islamic Maghreb) up, France took the largest part, then gave the rest to Italy and Spain.  Jihadi movements fought against the crusaders until (or with goal of) martyrdom.”

“The crusaders tried to divide us with democracy and personal freedom, however, the crusader strategy is not working because the Islamic State is here to stay.”

“It is a state that inflicts just terror against its infidel, pagan, and apostate enemies. And it will continue to expand until its banner flutters over Constantinople and Rome.  The leaders [in the maghreb], they’ve achieved what they wanted, and what they demanded. They didn’t break in the service of the crusaders. We must continue to fight the spread of ignorance”.

“The leader [in the Maghreb], they’ve achieved what they wanted , and what they demanded. Islamic State is here to.”

The terrorist has targeted other countries in a series of videos released, depicting the brutality on human kind.  In one of the videos, ISIS has honored the Paris Attack mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud(28), who killed 129 people in the attack. He was described as a “soldier of Islamic State” in the video.

Other militants involved in the attack were from Belgian-Moroccan origins and have links to the Molenbeek area of Brussels.  A Belgian national has also been detained, believed to be involved in the attacks, by North African authorities.