Irwin Family Not Moving To America, Denies Media Claims

Irwin family

Wildlife lover Irwin family is not moving to America. The rumors of moving to the United States are “completely untrue” as the family denies the claims.

“The Irwin family lives at Australia Zoo. They always have and they are not planning to move anywhere,” the spokesperson  of the Wildlife Sanctuary said to the Daily Mail. The spokesperson of the Australian Zoo also said, “This seems to have literally come out of thin air. There is absolutely no truth to that claim.”

However, in a 2010 interview, Terri Irwin said that they would move beyond Australia to spread the message of conservation. She has given her life to her husband’s work—maintaing the Australian zoo and spreading the message of wildlife conversation.

Their daughter, Bindi Irwin has become a rock star in America after winning the first spot in Dancing With The Stars. The 17-year-old has confirmed her romance with U.S. wakeboarder, Chandler Powell. “Long distance is challenging every now and then but it’s wonderful to have someone so brilliant in your life,” she said.

Bindi has also denied moving to America to settle with her boyfriend. “I think the States are wonderful because they are like a second home, I mean my mum’s originally from Oregon, but home for me is Australia Zoo.I mean we live right in the middle of Australia Zoo, so when you grow up surrounded by animals your whole life, you can’t leave that. No matter where I go, I’ll always return home,” she said.

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The family is also sued by Zoo Sky Media, the Melbourne-based company that runs Crocodile Hunters and manages the Irwin brands on the basis of breach of contact. Earlier the report by some of the news sites like Woman’s Day and New Idea claimed that the family is moving to America, carrying Steve’s legacy to Las Vegas by opening a zoo.

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