Hundreds and thousands of students across Australia determine their future through examination taking. But in recent days a question developing steadily,- whether those exams can reflect an individual properly for this upcoming professional life. ‘If the examinations are to determine how competent an individual is in terms of real life competition handling, then it is a matter to confess, examination paper can reflect very little of it’; – this is becoming an emerging topic that needs more attention to discussing elaborately.

Educating real-world professionals

At Minerva, all the students get assessed in two ways. One it the exam and another one projects. Students need to submit projects both as an individual and as a member of a certain group.

But many students start asking the question why they are answering in that fashion during the exam without any external aid. During last few years this particular institution has witnessed a radical change. Students start raising the question why they need to write the answer using a pen, why they need to attend all the classes.

The overall numbers of such students are increasing in a good number that made it relevant to think about does the exam takers should change the way they took the exam! How reflective the conventional exams are in compared to the tests of the real world.

Skills conflict

Skill can be a problem while assessing a student by taking conventional system. We need to confess it today that not all the students have similar skills; and not having a particular skill doesn’t mean, a student cannot become successful in his life after educating process!

Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University said an important thing about it. He said one might not have the same skills, say as one might not be capable of writing consecutive two hours using a pen. This is really a vital issue to take into concern as many people really don’t like to use their hand in recent days to write anything.

Again how an exam can check all the proficiency of a particular student is also a rational question to rise.

Solutions from out of the box

An important issue to discuss, how important it is to determine the factual knowledge of a student by taking a regular exam! You need to pass the real life tests to prove you really learn something, so it means factual knowledge testing is not everything.

There is a new way of teaching students that have been adopted by numbers of the institution, which is referred as blended learning, what is basically a mixture of different thoughts regarding this.

Blended learning

The Internet is not the prime necessity to conduct blended learning process. But the use of Internet is good. You can just look around what people do in their classroom. Many students pass the time in Facebooking and in daydreaming. But if they are allowed to learn from Internet sources and the lectures are available online, the learning can be more effective.

An institution like MIT already adopted blended learning formula where the student comes at class before reading the lectures from Internet. It is a proven truth to confess, the result of blended learning is significantly better.

Tick / Cross

Many test takers are making the examination easier. They seem to stop the pen & paper based exams. Taking exams in a way where a student will just tick the right and will nullify the wrong is a good way that has exercised so far.

Computer based tests are implementing such ways of conducting exams all over the World. It clearly means objective type question is more popular to the students.

Learning from the mistakes

It a continuous process to find out which examination process might work to assess a student well. Therefore, the educating institution should run studies about it all the time. In the process of learning, they will encounter right things and also wrong. Learning from mistakes is important, therefore.

You cannot say that blended learning is the best tool to judge a student. Again ‘tick or cross’ is not the best way to judge a student’s description knowledge too. The online education program is good but those have some limitation. Those issues need to be addressed well to mitigate the degree and amount of mistakes.

Authentic assessments

Whatever process the test taker adopt finally to assess students globally, those testing methods need to be authentic. For an example if a method of testing students is adopted where the student appear, cram & forget; – no one would refer that as a good way of testing.

All the universities are facing tremendous challenges to dig out ways, so they can assess their students well. This is important for the employers too to get further confidence after seeing the grade of a student. If the universities fail to find ways to evaluate students properly, they might lose their gatekeeper role in the long run, according to Fahey, former deputy VC of Monash University.