Tony Stark fanatics will be delighted to know that the rumored “Iron Man 4” movie in 2019 has been confirmed by one of its cast and crew.

Master Herald reports that “Iron Man 4” is setting its way to reality and the billionaire superhero aka Robert Downey Jr. will redeem his role as Tony Stark according to its director, Shane Black.

Here’s a list of what fans need to know about the upcoming “Iron Man” movie:

  • Before the confirmation, veteran actor Robert Duvall, his co-actor in the movie “Judge”, advised Robert Downey Jr. not to retire his Iron suit yet if “Iron Man 4” will be filming.
  • The confirmation is revealed to debunk hearsays that Ty Simpkins, who played Harley Keener in “Iron Man 3”, will be replacing Downey’s character.
  • Shane Black added that the 4th standalone motion picture is likely to be preceded by “Avengers: Infinity War II” in 2019.
  • Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios are currently in negotiations regarding the talent fee. Rumor has it that Downey Jr. is asking for a $50 million raise in “Iron Man 4”. Marvel might consider the deal given the fact that his third solo film made it to the “8th highest grossing film of all time”, earning a total of $1.22 billion, noted Master Herald.
  • While fans are waiting for the next film, Marvel will relive the “Iron Man” comics where Tony Stark “will build a new kind of world.” Comic book artists David Marquez and Brian Michael Bendis are yet to confirm the release of the print version.

Let’s keep our eyes and ears open for further news regarding the highly anticipated movie “Iron Man: 4”. For the meantime, Tony Stark along with the Avengers will be featured once again on “Captain America: Civil War” coming this May 6, 2016, Movie news Guide noted.