No actor for the live-action adaptation of “Pinocchio” has been revealed yet but Robert Downey Jr. is one candidate.

According to MovieNewsGuide, the Iron Man actor might play yet another inventor by the name of Geppetto who is known to create the titular character. Geppetto crafted Pinocchio out of the fatherly desire to raise his own son. Pinocchio, on the other hand, is a puppet turned into a real boy by a fairy who granted the old man’s wish. The animated puppet is famous for teaching children the value of honesty since he has a nose that grows longer every time he tells a lie.

Warner Bros. has been eyeing Paul Thomas Anderson to write and direct the fairy tale film but he was later replaced by Ron Howard.

This is not the first time that Carlo Collodi’s novel has been adapted to the big screen. The most recent was the 2002 film, “Pinocchio,” with Roberto Benigni starring as the curious puppet and Carlo Giuffre playing the puppet craftsman Geppetto.

This would be a refreshing break for Downey Jr. since he has been playing Iron Man for quite some time. He has already played the billionaire inventor for three “Iron Man” movies and two “Avenger” films. He is set to play the role again in “Captain America: Civil War” and on possibly two “Infinity War” flicks.

YouthHealthMag noted speculations regarding the release of the highly anticipated “Iron Man 4” and if Downey Jr. is still up to the task to portray Tony Stark. Marvel have their hands full with various Marvel movies for the years to come.

This means that if an Iron Man 4 will ever be released, it might be happening on 2020. There’s a possibility that Downey will turn down the role since he has been playing the role for over a decade and Marvel might not be able to afford him anymore. The possibility of a re-casting the role is becoming a welcome rumour.