Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Iran Moral Policing: Glamorous Iranian Model Couple Flee to Dubai for Posing in ‘Un-Islamic’ Selfie

Iran Moral Policing: Glamorous Iranian Model Couple Flee to Dubai for Posing  in ‘Un-Islamic’ Selfie


An Iranian model couple has fled to Dubai to escape prosecution in their own country as a result of a crackdown on models posting “un-Islamic” photographs online. The couple reportedly left Iran in January following a major clampdown on 170 targets as part of the “Spider 2″ operations.

Professional model and make-up artist Elnaz Golrokh and her husband and model Hamid Fadaei were among several others who promote themselves on Instagram. In January, a crackdown on the models posting images not approved by the authorities led to their arrests. Other leading models who were issued arrests were Melikaa Zamani, Donya Moghadam, Niloofar Behboudi, Shabnam Molavi, and Dana Nik.

The women posted images of themselves without a hijab or head scarf on Instagram and other social media sites. But the Spider 2 operations launched two years ago under Iranian President Hassan Rouhani targeted only those in the fashion industry.

Golrokh and Fadaei fled to Dubai shortly after the crackdown began in January, the reported. The Instagram images of the Iranian model couple suggested that in Dubai, the couple, who are currently released on bail, continue to lead their celebrity life, attending award ceremonies and endorsing different products.

“Before anything else, I am sorry that during this time I have not been able to return the calls made by you dear friends. Unfortunately, for the moment I will not be active in Iran, but I will continue my work outside Iran. Thanks for your support and your positive energy. I love you,” Golrokh reportedly said in a message to her fans on social media.

The Mail Online reported that she has 644,000 followers on her Instagram page and another 210,000 on the page that was used to promote her salon in Iran.

Fadaei is one of the most renowned models in Iran and is the face of Paris fragrance Robert Vizzari, Cameron Zigal, an Iranian haute couture company, and also Fidal, the Iranian sports label.

  • Taji Hanson

    Just another reminder of how human rights are suppressed in Iran. As a religious theocracy dominated and run by mullahs whose edicts are enforced by Sharia law religious courts and paramilitary police that can arrest people or even beat people with sticks who are in violation of “morals” codes, you get an idea that life in Iran is difficult for some very basic reasons. Creativity, sexual orientation, gender, even free thinking or strictly controlled and punishable. Even though these sentences were suspended, ANY perceived violation or hint of protest can cause these punishments to be inflicted at will and anytime. If you really want to get a hint of how oppressed Iranians, especially Iranian youth are, just check out the Whisper app and see what they are saying anonymously. It is sometimes pretty heartbreaking to read. Only when Iran’s mullahs get tossed out and a democratic government is installed are we ever going to see real change there