In a fast pacing world remembering passwords could be a heavy task. Soon Apple will be allowing users’ smartphone to unlock their MacBook.

We have to remember a dozen passwords for several accounts like Gmail, Facebook, passcodes in our smartphone etc. To bring about a solution, Apple is working on the feature which would enable the smartphone to unlock MacBook.

The idea was inspired from Apple Watch which would be set to automatically unlock when your iPhone is nearby, as per a report from MacRumors. This could be used with the help of iPhone’s Touch ID. Users can simply scan their finger on their phone.

However, the details on exact working of the feature are not known. It is assumed that users can use their unlocked iPhone when it is near your MacBook, the MacBook will stay unlocked. This works similar to an Apple Watch-MacBook combo.

Users will have install and app called Knock which provides the reported functionality. However, the app should be installed in both the Watch and the MacBook, notes Mashable.

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The reports add that the next version of OS X, 10.12 will have the new functionality. There could be a more simple way to unlock the MacBooks.

The company could incorporate fingerprint scanner on the next generation MacBooks. Years ago, the technology was patented but there’s no indication of implementing such technology anytime soon.

On Wednesday it was reported that Siri, Apple’s voice assistant will be included in the OS X and a screenshot of the Siri Icon will be placed to identify on the OS X menu bar.

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While Apple has not confirmed these rumours and as per schedule, the company will be showing the preview of OS X 10.12 during its WWDC developer conference in June.

By fall, the new version of OS X is likely to roll out.