With  a good number of months to go before iPhone 7 will be gracing the tech world with its presence, the rumors and speculations surrounding the device still happen to arrive in full force.

Yesterday we heard about the further possibility of wireless and noise cancelling earbuds arriving in the box with iPhone 7. Today, there are whispers about the wireless charging technology (with an Apple twist) coming to the iPhone sooner than what many believed. A report on Bloomberg suggests that Apple is working on bringing the wireless charging technology to the iPhone as early as 2017.

Many Apple fans are anticipating that the Cupertino tech giant will definitely be bringing its own take on wireless charging. The report about wireless charging feature on Bloomberg comes from a reliable source, who also shared that the company is currently developing a solution for the iPads and iPhones to be charged at a distance much further away than what the existing charging mats can offer.

As many Apple loyalists may be aware, the company doesn’t think too highly of the charging mats. As noted by Tech Radar, in 2012 at iPhone 5 launch event, Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller shared his thoughts on current method of wireless charging and how it doesn’t offer any convenience since the user anyways has to depend on the charging plate. Schiller said, “Having to create another device you have to plug into the wall is actually, for most situations, more complicated.”

Currently any handset that supports wireless charging needs to be touching the plate in order to be charged. It appears that Apple is working on a technology which will allow the device to be charged at a distance from the transmitter or the charging station. Apple fans should keep their fingers crossed that this really neat technology arrives on the iPhone sooner rather than later.