iPhone 7 will be Waterproof? Release Date & Specs Rumors

iPhone 7

Since the iPhone 6S series have been launched, naturally so, rumors and speculations have begun for the iPhone 7. Earlier reports have indicated that the iPhone 7 may just be the thinnest iPhone ever. There is also word doing the rounds about a smoke-detector feature to be incorporated in the future-generation Apple devices.

While fans are grappling with rumors ranging right from bizarre to the basics, comes another prediction about its form factor.

According to a report on Mashable, the next iPhone will apparently be dustproof and waterproof. It will be interesting to see whether Apple does opt for a water and dust resistant body since other tech-giants like Samsung are already ahead in the game.

If Apple follows tradition then fans are sure to see the iPhone 7 boasting a new design. Websites like the Mac Otakara and other Apple rumor blogs are sharing that the iPhone 7 may indeed show-off a new design. And if the speculations are anything to go by, then Apple will be replacing the 7000-series aluminum used in the latest devices, with a new material most likely being a “non-metal.”

Guesses about the new material range from Apple opting for plastic as it did with the 5C model to LiquidMetal. Mashable reports that the Cupertino tech-giant this year has renewed its exclusive deal with Liquid Metal Technologies Inc. This naturally strengthens the idea that the next phone from Apple stables could be manufactured using LiquidMetal.

However, it is too early to predict whether that will exactly be the case. Fans are bound to receive more details about the iPhone 7 as the year progresses.

The report also shares that the next iPhone may boasts of a perfectly flat LCD display. However, these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt at this point in time.

Apple Fans should keep coming back for more predictions, leaks and rumors on iPhone 7.

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