Apple fans should probably keep an eye out to watch the iPhone 7 rumors that may surface and the news never disappoints. It appears that the next-gen Apple smartphone could be using a completely different material dubbed by the Cupertino tech giant as Liquidmetal.

A patent application by the company, titled, “Methods and Systems for Integrally Trapping a Glass Insert in a Metal Bezel,” was published Thursday and it depicts a process which involves binding Liquidmetal and glass to create an iPhone casing of sorts which combines the two elements.

As noted by International Business Times, the alloy in question comprises, zirconium, titanium, copper, aluminum and nickel. The method involves heating the metal to insert “a transparent member” and letting it cool in a manner that the two are fused together. The “transparent” material to be used in the process could either be glass or sapphire.

Other gadgets besides the handsets, including laptops, computers, remote controls and the likes could also employ and enjoy the advantages of Liquidmetal. It remains to be seen whether fans will witness the use of this material in the upcoming iPhone 7 or other future-gen Apple gadgets.

Other iPhone speculations have hinted at the handset being waterproof, thanks to numerous Apple patents published on those lines. Whether it is the “self-healing elastomer” to prevent water from entering into the ports or a water squirter which as the name suggests, squirts out liquid which has already entered the handset. As is with all Apple inventions there is no word on when fans will witness any of those being implemented.

However, if nothing else, Apple loyalists would probably see the launch of an iPhone 7 Mini that is speculated to be announced sometime early next year. While the other models in the iPhone 7 series should be launched at the Apple annual event, traditionally held during the fall. More details should surface as we will inch closer to the arrival of the smartphones.