Is it a nod to how Sony just makes cameras better? Thanks to statements from Sony CFO Kenchiro Yoshida, rumours are spreading about how the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus may sport the dual-lens module from Sony.

The statements lifted from Kenchiro Yoshida came from the Q3 2015 Results Earnings Call for Sony Corporation’s investors. A transcript was posted on the Xperia Blog, and here are the more important sound bites:

“Well, for next year, our so-called dual lens – dual camera platform will be launched by, we believe, from major smartphone players.”

“We believe the real start, the takeoff of smartphone with dual lens camera will be in the year of 2017.”

The part where the Chief Financial Officer says that “major smartphone players” will be taking up their dual-lens cameras is the part that fuelled the rumours that Apple may consider the technology in their devices.

MacRumors has more scoop on the matter, pointing out that Apple may use the dual-lens technology that it acquired from Israeli company Linx, but Apple may still use Sony components into their camera modules. Apple has been using Sony components for their iPhone cameras for years. In the same breath, MacRumors said that Apple is trying out dual-lens samples from companies in China, Taiwan, and Japan.

The dual-lens camera on smartphones first made waves when HTC fitted their One M8 with the technology. Engadget explains that the use of the two cameras may offer an option between a wide-angle shot or a shot that can zoom in more effectively. In tests using the HTC One M8, the cameras, working together, rendered a clearer picture. Since that time, more smartphones have been fitted with the dual-lens technology.

In any case, this only means one thing: The stunning photos taken by the iPhone will only get more breathtaking, more so when the budding photographer has a keen eye for perfect angles.

According to MacWorld UK, the iPhone 7 may launch ahead of Apple’s usual release cycles, coming out in the summer of 2016, rather than the usual September launch.