The iPhone 7 rumored battery is believed to be spotted in a Chinese website. It seemed bigger than what the upcoming device’s fans are expecting.

The latest iPhone 7 image showed in a Digi Tech QQ leaked photo, indicated a print on the battery cell that listed 7.04 watt-hours. In terms of dimensions, it is larger compared to iPhone 6s’ 6.61 watt-hours capable battery. This information implied that iPhone 7 may have a battery that is  almost similar to its predecessor, the iPhone 6.

In previous reports, the iPhone 7 battery was said to be 12 percent bigger compared to the battery of iPhone 6s. Also, both the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 are believed to come thinner than the iPhone 6s Plus and the iPhone 6s. This information has led to everyone asking how Apple can fit the bigger battery. The possibility of removing the headphone jack and replacing it with a lighting port instead may answer this question, N4BB reported.  With a lightning port, the device can free up some space in the hardware.

The reported iPhone 7 dual-lens camera appears to be a realistic answer also, according to experts. Reportedly,  iPhone 7 will come with a spherical and smaller lens camera.

With a notable sleeker phone being released every year, it seems that thinner device is becoming a trend for gadget manufacturers like Apple. Year after year, the tech companies makes it a point to unveil a phone that is sleeker compared to the series’ previous release. With a more effective and smaller camera system, a larger space can be provided to accommodate longer battery life and bigger storage capacity.

iPhone 7 is also expected to come with a stereo speaker without rear antenna bands, faster A10 chip and hybrid magnetic wireless ear pods to replace the headphone jack.  However, Apple is reportedly not expected to give any information until Fall 2016.