With Apple’s event just around the corner, a patent given to the Cupertino tech-giant has surfaced and it hints at a smoke detector feature which could potentially be gracing the next iPhones.

As reported by International Business Times, Apple’s U.S. patent titled “Wireless Device Networks with Smoke Detection Capabilities,” issued on Tuesday, shows how the company could embed smoke detection capabilities into its products, namely the iPhones and iPads as well as the Macs.

It appears that the smoke-detection sensor will be installed near the speaker port or another opening on the iPhone since naturally, the smoke will be required to enter the sensor for it to be detected. The smoke detecting capability will not just be limited to iPhones and could potentially be build into other devices including the Apple TV and wireless router.

Once the device detects smoke, a software onboard will get triggered and will alert the user or emergency services and could even transmit message to the water sprinkler or perform other actions. The feature is also capable of transmitting information with regards to where the smoke is coming from and how many people are in the building.

Additionally, it may possibly relay information about the address and the layout of the building along with other required details.

As noted by Apple Insider, Paul G. Puskarich has been credited for the smoke detection patent which was filed in May 2013.

When Apple products will come incorporated with this feature is still unknown and we now certainly know that the iPhone 7 won’t be turning into a smoke-detector for sure. What we dow know though is that iPhone could probably arrive packing in an A9 chip, Force Touch technology and a Qualcomm’s WTR3925 radio frequency transceiver chip, embedded in a beautiful rose-gold chassis.

With just a week to go before the Apple event to be held on September 9,  fans don’t have to wait long since the iPhone 7 is expected to be announced on the D-day.