iPhone 7 rumors have been gripping Apple fans for quite some time now. But any news, which gives more insight into what to expect from the Cupertino tech company to deliver, is always welcome.

In an article by Value Walk, citing a report by Apple analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, the next iPhone could arrive boasting a sapphire glass, which also adorns the Apple Watch.

The iPhone 7 could quite possibly arrive with the glass display since the device is expected to undergo evident design changes, if Apple keeps up with tradition. However, as rightly pointed by the site, the recent GT Advanced Technologies debacle with Apple may have the Cupertino-tech giant going a completely different route.

It is also being speculated that the new iPhone will come embedded with Intel chips. Apple fans shouldn’t let their thoughts run wild at that! As reported by Venture Beat, Intel is working on a 7360 LTE modem chip for the new iPhone 7.

Venture Beat cites “Sources close to the matter,” revealing that over a thousand people are working on the chip to ensure that the chispets can be supplied to certain Apple iPhone manufacturers for iPhone 7.

Brian Krzanich, CEO Intel, shared that the 7360 Intel modem will be ready to ship by the end of this year. This makes it likely that products coming out next year could house the latest chips from Intel.

The site noted that Apple would also be looking to source the LTE modems from its current supplier, Qualcomm.

Now, whether Apple does engage in dual-sourcing the LTE modems or only sticks to Qualcomm, remains to be seen.

What many are also wondering is whether this time around the home-button on the iPhone will be done away? While this rumor has been around for a few years now, it hasn’t ever seemed as likely as it does this time around.

It is definitely going to be a significant design change, since well, it won’t be wrong to say that the home-button, makes the iPhone look like an iPhone. However, with 3D Touch technology on board it does seem likely.

Then again, there is the question of the Touch ID, embedded in the home-button for the current devices, making the idea of the no home-button seem unlikely.

Well if not in the year 2016, future generation iPhones could possibly arrive with no home-buttons and bigger screens in the same-sized chassis.

Keep coming back for more speculations, leaks and rumors on the upcoming iPhone 7.