Photos of the iPhone 7 camera, home button and flex cable have leaked online.

While it hasn’t been confirmed what the newest Apple phone will be called — iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S — specs of the smartphone has made its way online.

According to iDigital Times, the upcoming iPhone is believed to be this September and leaked images have been unveiled on

In the photographs, we can see the difference between the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 flex cables. Previously, the iPhone 6 had cables. But now, it shows that the iPhone 6s will now be having a single flex cable.

There is also a picture of the Touch ID Home Button Ring of the iPhone 7, which is touch sensitive. The site noted that nothing has been evidently changed on its look compared to previous iPhone versions.

Notably, the leaked image of the Camera Ring shows that it matches the next iPhone’s white and gold theme, same as the Touch ID Home Button ring.

“Judging what’s shown in this iPhone 6s photo leak, the upcoming device will have a protruding camera similar to its elder sibling,” the source added, comparing to iPhone 6.

Given the information, they believed that the changes on iPhone 7 focuses on the inside while changes for the following iPhones will focus on external development.

Meanwhile, more iPhone 7 rumors has been reported by The Week. Some of the anticipated changes are its “High-Profile Design”, “New Aluminum Frame” and “No more Plastic Strips” to name a few.

Apple has not confirmed any of the rumors, nor has it confirmed if the next smartphone will be the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7.