Rumors about the new generation iPhones from Apple as well as their upcoming products have been surging — with concept videos and images even leaking out that offers a projection of what these products, such as the iPhone 7, would look like.

Now the latest of these rumors suggest that previous reports regarding an iPhone 6c or even a mini iPhone 7 are fake.

Instead, 9 to 5 Mac suggests that Apple is working on a iPhone 5se, an upgrade to the company’s iPhone 5s which was released last 2013. The website further details that contrary to previous leaks suggesting that the rumored device will be some sort of preview to the iPhone 7 — with slimmer design and headphone jack removed — the iPhone 5se will mostly retain the design of the iPhone 5s.

9 to 5 Mac further details that the phone is currently labeled as N69 while it is still in development. However, sources of the website suggest that it will be renamed iPhone 5se when it is launched. The “se” suffix, according to the website, means that the newest phone is a special edition.

While the new phone is said to shift back to a smaller screen, it is meant to see some upgrades in terms of its other features.

IGN relays that the 5se may feature specs found on the iPhone 6s including Bluetooth 4.2, voice over LTE, Live Photos, and 802.11ac WiFi. To top it off, the new line may also be given with the gold and rose gold options.

If indeed the iPhone 5se will release, it remains to be seen whether we will see an iPhone 7 within the year. IGN also reports that when the 5se launches, this may discontinue the release of the 5s altogether.

With this latest rumor, the fate of iPhone 7 as well as its release date and specs, has now become uncertain.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5se is rumored to be launched on March and made available this coming April.