iPhone 7 Release Date, Price & Specs: ‘Bendgate’ No More; Upgraded Shell to Avoid Bending

Apple makes a major modification on the next iPhone to avoid “Bendgate 2.”

The upcoming Apple smartphone, probably will be named iPhone 6S or iPhone 7, will have a slightly thicker shell to make sure it will not suffer the same controversy its predecessor had last year, the International Business Times reported.

In a video posted by Lewis Hilsenteger of YouTube channel “Unbox Therapy,” he compared the shell of an iPhone 6 against what appears to be the iPhone 6S case. He did not subject the new shell to a bend test rather he focusedof the on the changes made on it.

Hilsenteger noted that the iPhone 6S rear case is thicker and measures 1.9mm compared to 1.14mm on the iPhone 6.

Hilsenteger was the man who subjected an iPhone 6 Plus to a bend test last year, which was eventually called “bendgate.”

The International Business Times added the most notable difference between the two iPhones is on the thickness of the sidewall around the volume buttons, the same area where some of the iPhone 6 Plus found a bend.

Although it is slightly thicker, the back case of iPhone 6S weights 25 grams, about two grams lighter than the iPhone 6 case.

TechCrunch said possible explanation of a lighter shell is that Apple is using 7000 series aluminum which is much sturdier and lighter. But it can be a bit pricey.

Apple is also experimenting on the use of carbon fiber to reinforce the back shell, IBTimes added based on the company’s patent application recently.

It was previously reported that Apple may launch the next generation iPhone this September.

Among the expected key features of iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 are better camera sensor and its Force Touch technology, which keeps track on the area where a finger presses to determine how much pressure is being applied. It is also expected that it will run on iOS 9.

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