iPhone 7 Release Date, Price & Specs: Solar Panels for Instant Charging?

Apple may be planning a new feature that smartphone users all around the world will fall in love with. If rumors are true, the iPhone 7 may never have to be recharged again.

According to The Wiire, Apple has received approval for a patent for installing solar panels beneath the touch screen of the smartphone. This additional feature will allow the iPhone to get charged instantly throughout the day without having to plug it in.

However, the site noted that the project is still in its early stages and may need time to develop.

“The only problem is that Apple is still at a very immature stage about the technology and hence to needs to work out proper strategy for the same,” The Wiire explained.

Express also shares that the technique is nothing new and solar panels are now widely used in watch faces to prolong battery life for many years. It is also used in Apple’s Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and keyboards.

Apple has explained that the feature “has a touch sensor and a solar cell that converts ambient light into electrical power,” notes Express.

“Wireless communications circuitry transmits the touch input to the external equipment using the electrical power from the solar cell,” the site quoted.

It might be the answer to the current one- day battery life that most iPhones usually have.

“Energy storage devices such as a capacitor and a battery can be charged using the electrical power,” the explanation continued.

There have also been rumors that the iconic Home button and physical touch ID sensor might replaced with the the recently-patented solar panels for the upcoming iPhone.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be released on September and may head to stores by October. The price is yet to be confirmed.

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