iPhone 7 Release Date, Price & Specs: Joystick, Force Touch & A9 Processor

iPhone 7 release date

Apple is stepping up big time once again. This year’s speculated release of the iPhone 7 is such a hot topic online and many sites have been releasing reports about its release date, new features and price. We have the lowdown on the top expected specs of the new Apple phone.

According to MacWorld, there are possibilities that Apple will release a couple of iPhones — maybe three — this September. These are the 4.7 inch iPhone 7, the 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus, and probably a 4 inch iPhone Mini.

What happened to the rumors regarding iPhone 6s and iPhone 6c? Well, it is still circulating around the internet, but Geek Snack said that the iPhone 7 might be this year’s crown jewel product of Apple.

Both of the sources also reported that the highly anticipated iPhone 7 will be more innovative. The most impressive features that are rumored to be added on the new smartphone are:

The Force Touch. Already used in the Apple Watch, the Force Touch screen will be a touch-sensitive display that differentiates a tap and a press which can provide a wide capability of interactions.

A retractable Joystick. The idea of the Home button “popping-up” on a little spring and turning into a mini- joystick will definitely be hit with gamers. Though some say that this idea isn’t feasible, this rumor has been backed up with an Apple Patent so it isn’t totally impossible.

A9 Processor.  The A9 chipset is said to be available only on the iPhone 6S, but sources also say that the processor might be expected to be in the iPhone 7.

As for the price, expect that it will be more than the current iPhone 6 Plus, which starts at $ 749.

Since these are just mere speculations, there are more updates to watch out for. Meanwhile, you can take a look at Yasser Farahi’s concept design for the newest iPhone.


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