So far it is known that the upcoming iPhone won’t be “bendable”, with it using 7000 series aluminium to be more studier and lighter. Numerous speculations indicate other high-end features and the latest one being a 12MP Camera with 5-element lenses.

An upgrade to the camera on the iPhone has been something that fans have probably been wanting for some time now. Even the latest offerings, Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, continued with an 8MP camera, albeit with upgraded aspects.

As per news on Business Insider, the new iPhones are probably being designed keeping a 12MP camera in mind. According to the source of the website, the camera will be made of 5 elements but with higher specification in order to match up to the 12MP resolution.

Business Insider noted that OnePlus 2′s camera as well as the snapper on Samsung Galaxy S5 feature 6-element lens.

“If you want to collect more light, then you need more elements,” the site’s source revealed. But the official word from the company will show what is really on on the iPhone 7 when it launches/

Chances are all of this may just shoot-up the prices of the up-coming iPhone. The Week predicts that the phone might be “too expensive”.

However, a heavy price tag with only a few new features may probably see a dip in sales. There is no doubt that the stores will witness long line-ups for purchases, but fans are expecting quite a bit from the Apple iPhone 7.

Earlier reports have brought us truckload of speculations right from solar panels on the phone for immediate charging to it arriving in a new rose gold colour. Fans have also seen numerous leaked images of what could be the iPhone 7. Come September, all the questions may finally be answered by the Cupertino tech-giant as fans are eagerly awaiting the announcements.