Along with the rumors and speculations about the iPhone 7, concepts have now become a common phenomenon.

Amongst other concepts doing the rounds, one of the notable ones is from Marek Weidlich, a Czech designer, who has shared a concept video and images imagining how the upcoming iPhone 7 may look like, as noted by The Week.

Weidlich’s concept of the device is largely inspired by iPhone 6 with major changes made to the design. The device features no Home button and boasts of a top-to-bottom curved screen.

Future-gen iPhones are long rumored to be arriving without a Home button in tow. However, an edge-to-edge screen seems quite unlikely for the upcoming iPhone.

According to BGR, “The front-facing camera and speaker sticking out from the screen is something that Apple would definitely not make, as these elements would significantly disrupt in-app UI and overall experience when it comes to gaming and video playback.”

The concept design also proposes a very different rear panel for the device. The video shows a metal inside a plastic casing, with the metal back being customizable.

The video also reveals what the designer expects iOS 10 to bring. Apple fans may have to agree that the UI inspired by Apple Watch does make quite a statement on the iPhone.

The design concept is quite futuristic and fans may probably not be witnessing a top-to-bottom display because of the obvious challenges. Also the back panel is not a direction in which Apple may want to head.

There is no denying that the speculations about the Cupertino-tech company doing away with the home button are gaining strength. And if Apple keeps up with tradition, fans may witness some major changes on the design for the iPhone 7. And this already has fans on a lookout for any information on the iPhone 7, even with a year to go for the device to be announced.

Apple fans should keep coming back for more updates on the iPhone 7.