This year has brought with it tons of iPhone 7 leaks giving us different glimpses of what to expect at the 2016 Apple fall event. While there have been contradictory reports with regards to the specs, it is being widely accepted that the iPhone 7 will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor as far as the design is concerned.

The upcoming Apple device may not have any impressive aspects and is expected to resemble the iPhone 6S series. The latest leak on Weibo, as noted by LettemSvetemApplem, seems to confirm this speculation as well as showing other details on the device. The leaked image features the top half of the back panel and further reiterates that the antenna lines will run on the top of the device and not across the back. But what’s different? The lines in the image seem to be ‘tapered.’  This could indicate that this isn’t any other photoshop work where the lines have been pasted on.

There is another interesting addition to the rear panel, it features an extra hole between the camera and the LED flash. As noted by 9to5 Mac, the hole could suggest that the device this time around may land with the laser auto-focus feature. Furthermore, as earlier reports had suggested that the device may lose the camera bump, the leaked image indicates that may not be the case. The camera module as a whole appears to be quite large in the image and the bump is still very much existent. This could be the image of the 4.7-inch iDevice since it doesn’t feature the dual-camera setup rumoured for its elder sibling.

The image doesn’t show the front panel or the bottom of the device, leaving questions about the headphone jack unanswered. However, the standard warning of taking the leak with a large pinch of salt applies. Keep coming back for more updates, rumours and speculations on the iPhone 7. What are your expectations from the upcoming iDevice? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.