There are rumors spreading all over the internet that Apple is now working on the iPhone 5c‘s successor—the iPhone 6c. News about the next-generation budget iPhone suggests that it will be more like an iPod Touch.

According to BGR, Apple’s 4-inch iPhone 6c could be expected after they launched the sixth generation iPod Touch on Wednesday. There is a good chance that the iPod Touch could be innovated into a thicker gadget and might be dubbed as the iPhone 6c, if some specs and features were added.

Macrumors also revealed that the iPhone 6c could have a 4-inch display, an A7 processor with M7 motion co processor, Touch ID, Pill Shaped dual Led Flash, and two rows of speaker grilles. They also noted that the next-gen iPhone is rumored to be released this fall.

However, all of these reports are just mere possibilities.

Even though the same source reported that Apple is organizing a launch this year for a new 4-inch iPhone product (by posting leaked pictures for iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and the iPhone 6c on their site), they said that “it is best to look at these rumors with some skepticism at the current time.”

Should the news be confirmed, Macrumors noted that Apple might change its name rather than dubbing it as the “iPhone 6c”. It also added that contrary to the iPod Touch similarity, the 6c is more likely to have the same look as iPhone 5c with the same hardware of iPhone 5s. It can also work with the Apple Watch and support Apple Pay by adding an NFC chip.

Apple has not commented on the range of smartphones they will be releasing this year. For Apple Tech fans out there, you just have to wait for further confirmation regarding these rumors.