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iPhone 6S Release Date India on October, Price is Rs 100,000?

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No other gadget is a bigger status symbol for Indians than their mobile phones. The Indian market is filled with different phones and companies but what soars above the rest is an iPhone.

The Indian iPhone fans will be able to own the most awaited iPhone 6s and 6s Plus handsets not until late October. However, for those going crazy for the smartphones they can have theirs just two days after the U.S. launch on September 25 but for a hefty price.

If you can’t wait to know where you can grab you’re set. Here is where to go. “India will be able to lay hands on the latest models in the grey market within two days of the US launch on September 25 by shelling out Rs 1 lakh,” reports the Economic Times.

Grey market sellers all over India are gearing up for the launch. The most famous grey markets include Mumbai’s Heera Panna Market and Delhi’s Gaffar Market.

The uproar has already begun in capital city Delhi’s Gaffar Market and the hut sized shops are already eagerly waiting for the customers. “The enquiries for 6s and 6s Plus have already begun. We have been receiving a lot of calls daily,” Vikas Bhalla, owner of Sai Mobiles and Electronics in Gaffar Market, told Australia Network News.

Apple is aiming to officially launch the phone in the Asian country next month. According to Macrumours, “Apple will try to launch the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus by October 10-11, which is about a month ahead of its initial plans for a November launch in India. If the Apple India team manages to convince its Cupertino headquarters, it will be the fastest ever launch of any Apple product in India since announcement.”

The tussle between the grey market and authorized apple dealers is going to be in full swing where the grey market dealers plan to lower the price after the official launch. However, an authorized apple dealer told Australia Network News, they are not threatened.

“Of course, the buyers will wait for the official launch,” Sahil Singh, Manger at Mobile Store, told ANN.

“I do not deny that people buy phones from the grey market but I assure you that our sales are not going to be threatened by the grey market sellers because we know that a buyer will never want to spend so much and get no warranty in return.”

So far, Apple has yet to confirm the official Indian price of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

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