iPhone 6S Release Date in Australia: Queue Starts Today in Sydney; Person Camps Out

iPhone 7

There is no dearth of Apple fans across the globe, however some take their love for all things Apple to a whole new level.

As reported by The Inquirer, Seamus Byrne, CNET Editor for Australia and Asia, spotted someone already lining-up for the upcoming iPhone 7 or the iPhone 6S as is being referred by many.

The person is camping outside the Apple retail store in Sydney, New South Wales.

It is quite surprising since the Cupertino tech-titan has yet to make an announcement for the product and it could be even sometime before the iPhone 7 begins shipping to Australia. In that case, the person could be camping out there for a long time.

However, the Twitter conversations sparked by the image has people taking a guess at why the person is pulling off the stunt and many guess it could be all for mere publicity.

As for the product in question, the iPhone 7 or the 6S is expected to be announced by Apple today. The device will possess the same form-factor as its predecessor, however this time around 7000 series aluminum may be used for the device to ensure that there is no replay of the Bendgate incident. The 7000 series aluminum is far more durable and stronger than the aluminum alloy used for the iPhone 6.

The upcoming iPhone is also expected to arrive with Force Touch feature which is the pressure sensitive technology already present on the new MacBooks and Watch. However, a recent leak reported by Techtastic, has no word on that front; it remains to be seen whether the iPhone 7 will indeed boast of this feature.

The 8MP camera is also speculated to be upgraded to a 12MP one with 5-element lenses. Plus, Siri and the Notification Centre could come with tweaks and improvements on the new device. With regards to the internal components, the new iPhone may receive an A9 processor and a new Qualcomm chip for better connectivity on the phone, amongst other upgrades.

There may also be an option of a Rose Gold color along with the existing choice of colors which include white, space grey and yellow gold.

Apple is expected to make the announcement today at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern at an event to be held in San Francisco.


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