iPhone 6S Release on 8am Friday; Already Available on AT&T?

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Come Friday, the much-awaited iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will hit store shelves, and naturally so, long line-ups outside Apple stores will be seen much before the doors open.

According to The Independent, the iPhone 6S series will be released on the September 25 morning at 8am. The report also shared Apple’s comments that the stores “will have the new iPhones available for walk-in customers” and of course, only those arriving well in advance may get their hands on it. As history has witnessed, there are always chances of the phones being sold-out early on the first day of sale.

The site noted that many models of iPhone 6S Plus are not even available online, with a wait time of three to four weeks.

However, there is one happy customer who got really lucky and received her iPhone 6S well in advance. She had ordered her iPhone through AT&T. As reported by AppAdvice, @MoonshineDesign on Twitter received her iPhone 6S four days prior to the said release date. Naturally so, she was very excited and since has shared 4K videos, images snapped from the device, images of inside the box and more. She has now become a celebrity of sorts, all thanks to the early arrival of the iPhone 6s at her doorstep.

The new iPhone 6S series is laced with the new 3D Touch which refers to the scree now being sensitive to pressure, and the applied force carries out the desired actions. Upgraded Siri, a 12MP camera and a faster A9 processor are some of the other additions.

iPhone 6S series will arrive dipped in shades of the classic silver, gold, space grey and the new rose gold shade to choose from. The pricing on the iPhone 6S reads out to be $649, $749 and $849 for 16GB, 64GB and 128GB variants respectively.

iPhone 6S Plus 16GB, 64GB and 128GB models are priced at $749, $849 and $949. The Apple iPhone 6S series are up for pre-order and fans can book the device for them here.


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