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iPhone 6S Deals UK: Free from Vodafone, EE, O2 & More!

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For those looking to get their hands on the latest iPhone 6S in UK have quite a few choices of really great deals available through Vodafone, O2 and other multiple carriers.

Techradar has noted some of the best deals available and one of them is through Vodafone. Fans looking for a 16GB variant can get the iPhone 6S for no cost at all through the carrier, with a 24-month contract requiring to pay £44.00 on a monthly basis.

The deal includes unlimited calls and text along with 2GB data. Users opting for this plan can enjoy unlimited data for the first 3 months of starting out with the plan. Fans can pre-order the device with this plan here.

The free offer is also available on a 64GB option through Vodafone and Mobile Phones Direct, which includes unlimited calls and text with 10GB data for £54 per month on a two-year contract. Again, first 3 months unlimited data is available on the plan.

Those looking for a 128GB version for no cost can also get it from the same carrier on a 2-year contract.

One of the good deals on the 64GB version is available with EE as well, on a 2-year contract for a total cost of £1197.75. So a monthly payment of £46.99 will be going out and the cost of the phone reads out to be £69.99. The plan includes unlimited calls and text with 5GB data. Head here to pre-order the 64GB iPhone 6S.

The carrier also has a great option for the 128GB variant with the phone costing £99.99. The plan includes unlimited calls and text and 10GB data for a monthly payment of £49.99 for 2 years.

Through O2, 16GB iPhone 6S is available for £99.99, 3GB data and unlimited calls and text. Users will have to pay-up £36 on a monthly basis on a 2-year contract. The device is available for pre-order here.

Apple fans looking for a 16GB iPhone 6S phone from Three can opt for the £43 monthly pay on a two year contract with the phone costing £99. There is 4GB data along with unlimited calls and texts. The phone is up for pre-order here.

Keep coming back for more updates on other regions, however, Apple fans in China also have the option to make sperm donations to get the iPhone 6S.

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