iPhone 5se Released in China? ‘Brighter’ Rose Gold Colour Available


We’re already less than a week for Apple to officially unveil the hotly anticipated iPhone 5se, but it seems like the wave of leaks and rumours aren’t stopping anytime soon. The purported 4-inch iPhone has just been spotted in the wild, but it’s unclear if it’s the real thing or just another knock-off that’s present in the crowded market of Shenzhen, China.

A new video from “Nick Beeep” has surfaced on YouTube, giving us a glimpse of the iPhone 5se ahead of its launch Monday next week. It looks a tad bigger than the standard iPhone 5s, and it’s keeping the design language that Apple shifted to when it unveiled the iPhone 6.

What strikes as odd though is that the alleged iPhone comes in a brighter and pinker rose gold as compared to the iPhone 6s. The colour has been a hot seller for the iPhone 6s, so it’s a bit out of place for Apple to tinker with a proven product. The only possible reason behind the change is that the device in question is actually fake, although one that could be very close to the real thing. After all, April, the person in the video, admits that she was unable to switch the device on. However, fake iPhones have managed to emulate their original counterparts, making it hard for the unaware to even spot the difference from the box itself to the iOS interface.

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It’s always best not to jump the gun on early releases, especially one that doesn’t seem to work. As with any leaks and rumours, it’s also best to take this one with a grain of salt. After all, it’s only a couple of days until Apple finally unveils the iPhone 5se, so why not wait it out and see it straight from the company?

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