Reports suggest that Apple will release the iPhone 5se alongside the iPad Air 3 on March 18, 2016. The device, Apple’s purported device to bring in compact faithfuls to the new generation of iOS devices, has been the subject of great anticipation and a bevy of rumours.

Cupertino’s regard to smaller footprints is now making a comeback. This is after a huge chunk of Apple’s massive iPhone user base got reluctant to upgrade and move up at a notch due to the tradeoff in compact form factors for bigger display panels.

9to5Mac reports, citing several sources, that Apple plans to introduce the iPhone 5se alongside the iPad Air 3 in an event on March 15. Both units will be up for sale in online and retail channels three days after. It’s also unlikely that Apple will offer pre-orders for both devices, but sources noted that Apple could play it differently.

There’s still no word as to how much Cupertino will charge for the 4-inch iPhone. However, Tech Insider reports that it could be a cheaper offering from the company. Its base price could start at $700 (US$500) and will go up as the storage option increases.

The iPhone 5se is rumoured to feature an all-metal body akin to the original iPhone 5s. It will also arrive with Bluetooth 4.2 onboard, voice over LTE, and Always-On Siri. Storage options will reportedly come in 32GB and 64GB variants. Apple is expected to equip it with an A8 or an A9 chip.

Apple selling new iPhone and iPad devices would mean that the company is venturing into other strategies. Usually, Cupertino puts a new iOS device on sale a week or two after an introduction event and a window for pre-ordering the device. The iPhone 5se is targeting those who are reluctant to upgrade to a bigger device, so it could work differently at this time.