Apple just released the iPad Pro this November 13th. iPad Pro is a tablet but with what it can do, you  certainly will deny that fact. You can use it to edit videos, do business presentations, play games and more. With its multi-touch feature  with better and larger screen, you can be more productive and creative.

This is not just a typical tablet and with the kind of work you can do on it, you have to consider getting the keyboard for the iPad Pro. As mentioned in Forbes, it is surprising how nice you can actually type on it.

Another tool that you can use with iPad Pro is the new Apple Pencil, not all people will find it useful, not all users will find a reason to own one since it is primarily targeted for artists. You will enjoy writing longhand using it. You can also draw lines in any weight, you just simply apply pressure to it. Apple Pencil gives you a variety of tools in a single instrument.

Though there are certainly some disadvantages when using iPad Pro, since it is new.  One apparent con is the limited Apps that supports its multi-tasking feature.

But with what the iPad Pro can do, many can now question the future of laptops. Not at present but certainly in the near future. Now that there’s video editing, photo manipulation and even general office applications in an iPad, people will easily shift to the more handy one rather than lug around a device weighting a couple of pounds or more.

According to Macrumors, with iPad’s 12.9-inch retina display, light weight and long battery life, we can certainly  say that iPad Pro has a big edge and a bigger opportunity in dominating the laptop industry. Its hardware is comparable to desktop class machines.

With its 6.9 mm thin and 1.57 pounds, you can bring your iPad Pro anywhere and do what you have to do anytime, thus, making the experience more interesting.

Many are already considering using this iPad Pro to replace heir laptops.