iPad Pro Release Date in November? Specs are USB Port, Force Touch & 12.9 inch Body

Flickr/ Cheon Fong Liew

Tech fans of Apple will be excited to hear about its new product. Reports have it that the iPad Pro will be launched this November. The giant tablet is believed to have a 12.9-inch body, a USB Port and Force Touch technology.

According to MacWorld, the iPad Pro is one of the most “speculated about and hyped up fantasy Apple products for the past few years,” just like the Apple Watch. But unlike the latter, it is still unconfirmed if the iPad Pro will ever exist.

Fans have waited for the most anticipated product to be announced at the iPad Air 2 launch event on October last year and at the Apple Watch launch event earlier this year, but to no avail. However, they found a shed of light upon hearing some clues about the iPad Pro at WWDC 2015 last June.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but fans aren’t complaining. Apple is probably head-deep on work for the new iPad, but the more work they do will mean better features for the device.

Despite of the unconfirmed news about its November launch, rumors about the hybrid tablet’s specs have been making it rounds online. Here’s the latest.

MacWorld reports that the new Apple tablet will run the newest OS X El Capitan, and will sport a microphone and speakers at the top of the device that offers stereo sound. The site also added that an Ultra Hard “Project Phire” will be replacing the standard Gorilla glass screen.

In addition to that, Breathcast revealed that the iPad Pro will have a 12.9 inch (2048×2732 pixels) display at 264 ppi. It will include features like Touch ID, Force Touch, pressure sensitivity, a USB Type-C port and a built in NFC chip.

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