iPad Pro 2015: Stylus & Force Touch Specs Packed in New Apple Tablet?

Concept illustration by Martin Hajek

With just two days to go before the big Apple event on September 9, more details are surfacing about the products expected to be launched.

Rumors about the iPad Pro have gained momentum and now according to reports on 9to5Mac, the larger version of the iPad may come bundled-up with a stylus. Chances are the Cupertino tech company may also be designing a keyboard accessory for the iPad Pro.

9to5Mac has sources confirming that the new iPad will indeed be referred to as the iPad Pro and will essentially be “like a big iPad.” It will be sporting a 12.9-inch with a 2732 x 2048 resolution. The other iPad specs and traditional design should also be intact which means it will feature an iSight camera, a front-facing snapper for FaceTime and will have an aluminum back with the smooth edges.

Furthermore, the source has also confirmed the integration of the Force Touch technology on the product in question. The upcoming iPhone 7 is also speculated to be launched with the Force Touch feature. New additions on the iPad Pro include stereo speakers – at the top and the bottom, iOS 9.1 which will bring upgrades to the Notification Centre and Siri and probably, a USB Type-C port may also be seen on the device.

As Tech Insider rightly pointed out that Steve Jobs wasn’t a fan of the stylus and he made that clear during the first iPhone launch in 2007. “Who wants a stylus?” Jobs asked the crowd. “You have to get them and put them away and you lose them and yuck. Nobody wants a stylus, so let’s not use a stylus.”

As shared with 9to5Mac, the accessory to come in the box with the new iPad Pro will “not look like a traditional” stylus. This will probably make Apple fans curious to know what exactly will be offered.

The stylus coupled with the Force Touch screen is expected to change the way drawing and design apps are approached on the iPad since the level of pressure applied will now be able to determine inputs on a different level.

Earlier reports have indicated the new iPad Pro may be introduced at the event on September 9, but will only begin shipping in November. Its a wait and watch game now.

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